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Phenomenal Woman

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

-Maya Angelou

A Note from our Founder:

Michelle Y. Arredondo, MSc-NPM, BSc-HSc, AA-Psy

Founder and Executive Director of Steadfast Sparrows Corporation

My name is Michelle Y. Arredondo, I am the Founder and Executive Director of Steadfast Sparrows Corporation. My interest in this stems from my story. Growing up in San Antonio, Texas I got involved with making poor decisions at a very young age. By the time I was 17 I had already served a total of 3 years of my life between Juvenile detention and treatment facilities ordered by judges. A week after I turned 18, I got in trouble again with the law and I found myself standing in front of a judge facing 5 years. By the grace of G-d, I was sentenced to 6 months in the state penitentiary and was released on April 29, 2011. In prison at 18 years old, is where I wrote about starting my first ever nonprofit, that helped children with cancer, little did I know my dreams of starting a nonprofit would still be alive in my heart today.  

I have the following degrees under my belt: Associate of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Human Science and a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management. I have been inducted into the following societies: The National Society of the Leadership and Success, The American Psychological Association and Delta Alpha Pi. I have officially started my Doctoral Degree and in 2026, I will be graduating with a Doctoral in Ministry from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley California. The L-rd provided all that I prayed for, and I believe and declare he can do the same for others. It is important to remember that G-d will break you in order to mold the individual whom you are meant to be, and he will do it lovingly in the process. You just have to have the GRIT and trust him!

Certifications from:

Department of Family and Protective Services

Texas Education Association (TEA) as a Senior Level Three Paraprofessional

CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (Legislative Mandate)

The Red Cross CPR

The National Traumatic Stress Network

Guest speaker for:

Alamo College Adjunct Professors

The Kolbe Prison Ministry

The Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center

Key Note Speaker for High School Graduation

Member of:

Elite Inspiring Women's Club of San Antonio

Dell Women's Entreprenuer Network


Care Warriors 501(c)(3)

The Arbutus Place 501(c)(3)

The Kolbe Prison Ministry

Education has been the game changer for me. I share this with you to give you the perspective of why what I do is important to me. I am a convicted felon who has leaned heavy on the power of education, as it has given me the tools and the titles to balance out those differences, I placed against me. More important than the 18 letters behind my name, education has broadened my life perspective and has given me hope. The word "Convictions" It is my and many others’ scarlet letter. Yes, I am a convicted felon. But I am also a future doctor and professor, a wife, a community organizer, a youth mentor, an re-entry advocate and many other things. Eliminating me before you know all of these other great things is an injustice.


I decided to surround Steadfast Sparrows Corporation with the Youth and Adults that struggle the most academically and at life in general. The ones that get pushed to the side because others are taught that they don't matter and that they can't change, well I am here to set the bar HIGH that THEY CAN make a difference in not only their life but the lives of others. They matter, their loved and, their story IS NOT OVER.

Serving the Least and the Last!

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